Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hello from Raleigh Costa Rica!
I have now been here a week, and finally managed to find some time to update my blog.  So here it is in condensed form.....
Weds 22nd Jan
After spending the day chilling in San Jose we made our way via taxi to the British school (unfortunately the taxis didn't actually know the way, but after the third attempt they got us there!).  Spent the night on a sports hall floor, and up at 5am ready to go to field base.

Thurs 23rd Jan
Tour of field base and set up my bed (outside on the veranda, amazing).  Afternoon of training and just absorbing the most amazing location.

Friday 24th Jan

Saturday 25th Jan
Start of 'jungle camp' in teams of 7 or 8 we set off with FULLkit on a trek, amazing and raw sugar cane is the perfect boost to steady up hill climb in the heat.  We arrived at campsite location by mid afternoon and checked with the locals it was okay before cooking our dinner and settling down for the night, with four of us in one tent, quite snug!

Sunday 26th Jan
Up, packed and ready to go by 6am, never thought I would say it, but it was fantastic!  The view was worth it alone, and yes I will post some photos as soon as I can work out how to.  Trek to Jungle camp and arrived at 8am ready for training on how to set up a jungle hammock and jungle brasher, loads of new skills to pass on when I return.  Spent the night in a jungle brasher, although I did think I was going to fall out all night as it was on a slope!

Monday 27th Jan
Up at 4.30 and packed and ready to go by 6.30, trek back to field base with casvac scenario on route, great fun but it felt like boot camp trying to stretcher a casualty 600m with full kit in the heat.

More training and finally we are allocated our first projects........

I will be trekking in Corcovado ( check it out on google, awesome) with 1other project manager and 12 venturers 300km in 19 days.  You will be able to follow the adventure on the Raleigh website blog, CRN 14A Alpha 1.  It will be extremely tough but truly amazing.  I am off on Thursday to do a few days recce of the route and will be hiking the hardest part in prep for the real thing in a couple weeks, very scary but extremely exciting and I feel very proud to have been chosen for this particular trek.

Tuesday 28th jan

More training, including river crossing (yes, I got wet!).

I will try and put some photos and a further update tomorrow ( honest).

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Having a chill out day in San Jose with some of the team before we move to base camp tomorrow and I start doing some real work!  I have taken lots of photos, just need to learn how to post them on here!!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Really quick post, as strangely enough after 2 solid days of travelling I am ready for bed. But more importantly  I am here, San Jose, Costa Rica.  Photos to follow tomorrow (in the daylight!) if I wake up.

The journey to my epic adventure!

Okay, I arrived in Heathrow and 5.30 this morning after travelling up on the night coach ( just one small issue, I forgot I get travel sick in coaches! All good now though).  I take a look at e departutures board, only to see my flight is cancelled!!!  when I go to the Delta desk to ask why and what do I do....due to the snow storm on its way they have rescheduled me for tomorrow, however that was looking very unlikely as I could get stuck in New York.  Slight moment of panic, and then a moment of inspriprational thought saved the day.  They kindly rerouted me via Atlanta, but I needed to bookin straight away as that was leaving an hour earlier.
No problem!  My visa is valied for 90 days and I am not returning for sometime after that, so I had to prove I was going to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  Apparently a letter confirming I was with Raleigh Internaltional as a volunteer was ok, but only after an interview with the security man.

Oh well, here I am sitting in Atlanta Airport waiting for my next flight and hoping that the other volunteers have managed to get there connecting flights, as I was travelling with the only airline to cancel, which means Delta are super precautious or the others missed to the weather warning!!  watch this space.

future updates will be a whole lot more exciting. HONEST.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Welcome to my blog....
This is the start of my latest adventure and I am hoping that I will be able to keep you all informed of what I am doing and where I go through this blog!