Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The journey to my epic adventure!

Okay, I arrived in Heathrow and 5.30 this morning after travelling up on the night coach ( just one small issue, I forgot I get travel sick in coaches! All good now though).  I take a look at e departutures board, only to see my flight is cancelled!!!  when I go to the Delta desk to ask why and what do I do....due to the snow storm on its way they have rescheduled me for tomorrow, however that was looking very unlikely as I could get stuck in New York.  Slight moment of panic, and then a moment of inspriprational thought saved the day.  They kindly rerouted me via Atlanta, but I needed to bookin straight away as that was leaving an hour earlier.
No problem!  My visa is valied for 90 days and I am not returning for sometime after that, so I had to prove I was going to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  Apparently a letter confirming I was with Raleigh Internaltional as a volunteer was ok, but only after an interview with the security man.

Oh well, here I am sitting in Atlanta Airport waiting for my next flight and hoping that the other volunteers have managed to get there connecting flights, as I was travelling with the only airline to cancel, which means Delta are super precautious or the others missed to the weather warning!!  watch this space.

future updates will be a whole lot more exciting. HONEST.

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