Monday, 10 February 2014

10 Feb 2014 (Monday)

Okay, it has been a few days since I updated this!  It has been a very busy and exciting week, which I will try and remember on a day by day account of life here at Raleigh Costa Rica 'Field Base':

5 Feb 2014 (Weds)

Final training day before the venturers arrived, more vital information, however my brain can still only store so much information in day so I think alot of recapping and reviewing will be needed over the next few days!  Evening entertainment, Scottish dancing!  lots of bruises but excellent fun.

6 Feb 2014 (Thurs)

Final preps before the venturers arrive, putting up marquee size tents in the hottest part of the day, great fun (really).  Followed by a chilled out afternoon visiting the local town.

7 Feb 2014 (Fri)

08:00 the venturers arrived and Field Base came alive.  I wasn't really sure how I would I feel about 100+ venturers arriving and what I was expecting of them, but it was amazing and has been non stop since they arrived (hence the delay in updating the blog).

A busy day covering the usual induction stuff and collecting passports etc.  more training, but finally we are giving the training not receiving it!

8 Feb 2014 (Sat)

Allocation for phase 1, the venturers get to find out what and where they will be going. Also I got to find which 12 venturers I will be leading on an epic trek in a few days!

A bit more training and then prep for Jungle camp, and after lunch off on the trek with 12 excited venturers.  An interesting afternoon of navigation in the RAIN!!!! (first time since i have been here).  night camping in 3 x 4person tent with 14 of us, quite snug!

9 Feb 2014 (Sun)

up at 4am, all packed up and ready to trek by 5.30am (amazing, that is for me, not the venturers!).  Short trek to the jungle camp area and tools training at 6am.  followed by a trek back to base and a casvac practice on route, great fun.

Back at field base by mid morning, kit cleaned and ready for some more training throughout the day.  A long day.

10 Feb 2014 (Monday)

Kit prep day for phase 1.  Logistics challenge, pack the food for the first 6 days for 14 in such away that it can be carried evenly throughout the team!  then add various bits of team kit: 4 x tents / comms kit / med pack / wash bowls / cookers and pans etc etc.  Amazingly though we seem to have managed it all by lunchtime and managed to have the afternoon off to pack personal kit and even have some chill out time.

Okay, I have reached the night before Phase 1, Corcovado Trek.  I will be leaving with 12 venturers and 1 project manager at about 5.30am tomorrow morning for a truly epic adventure and I will return 19 days later, with lots of stories and memories to share with you all on my blog.


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